2013 FDI Annual World Dental Congress

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Online Abstract Submission

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Dünya Kongre Şehirleri - #1 İstanbul

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Dear Colleague,

Many of you already know that Turkish Dental Assocation (TDA) demonstrated it’s strong will to host the FDI Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) during many occasions in the past years. We are all very excited to host the AWDC in İstanbul and our colleagues from all over the world, in our city, where civilizations, continents and cultures meet.

As TDA, we are committed to organize a successful FDI AWDC, as we used to in the past, and we believe that we will achieve all our goals as FDI, in Istanbul. We are confident that we will receive the support we need from our international colleagues in the field of promoting the Congress as a global event to all dentists around the world.

Any ‘list’ of ‘beautiful’ cities naturally has subjective features. However, you may notice that Istanbul is frequently included in such lists and just as an example it is among the most beautiful cities of the famous scientist Alexander Von Humbolt who toured the globe and published the results in his outstanding book of 30 issues. We believe that Istanbul deserves your interest as the city which has something to offer for everyone and you will often be surprised and each of you will discover your ‘own’ Istanbul.

As the President of TDA, I have the pleasure of inviting you all to Istanbul for the 101th FDI AWDC and we are looking forward to hosting you in this beautiful city.

I also thank you in advance for your kind interest and support.

Kindest regards,

Prof. Dr. Taner YÜCEL
Turkish Dental Association

FDI 2013 Istanbul: one message, one event

The message ‘Bridging Continents for Global Oral Health’ reflects our determination that FDI 2013 Istanbul will be the major event of 2013 in bringing dentists and other oral health professionals  from all over the world to a single place to pursue their goals in professional development and share information with colleagues from other countries regions and continents. It is this inclusiveness that makes FDI’s Annual World Dental Congress unique.

In terms of abstract submissions, reserved exhibition space and overseas attendance, we are expecting FDI 2013 Istanbul to break the records established in Hong Kong in 2012. This year, we will be holding our 101st World Dental Parliament in advance of the congress and pursuing its deliberations on how to translate into precise strategies and programmes the aspirations laid out in its groundbreaking Vision 2020 document, focusing on how the dental profession should evolve and adapt over the next decade.

Furthermore, for over 80 years, FDI’s World Dental Exhibition, first launched in 1929, has provided dentists and other oral health professionals with a view of the latest oral health technology from around the world and the new products and treatments for offer the best options to their patients.

FDI and TDA share a common perception as to what constitutes a truly international event with strong local flavour and the kind of programme to satisfy the high demands of delegates from far overseas, from neighbouring countries and from Turkey itself.

In Istanbul we can look forward to easy access through one of the world’s great airports, a brand new convention centre for our event overlooking the Bosporus, a wide choice of hotels and other accommodation, a warm, sunny climate, especially in late August, a hospitable local population and superb local cuisine and entertainment.

FDI 2013 Istanbul will clearly reflect our constant effort to improve the continuing education opportunities and the very real qualities of Istanbul for combining professional training with an intense visual and touristic experience.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva

President, FDI World Dental Federation