FCS01 | Free Communication Session 01 | B332 | 28.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC001 A Comparision of Different Radiographic Modalities for Detection of Occlusal Caries Lesions In Vitro Selçuk Savaş 1835 09:00-09:12
FC002 An in vitro SEM Comparative Study of Dentine-BiodentineTM Interface Jameel Mohammed Ameen Sulaiman 1704 09:12-09:24
FC003 Clinical Performance of Methods in Detecting Occlusal Caries Lesions In-vitro Elif Tarım Ertaş 1604 09:24-09:36
FC005 The technique of composite filling with impression Seyhan Akar Ergin 1546 09:48-10:00
FC006 Visualisation of human dental pulp vasculature by detection of CD34 Ana Sotir Sotirovska Ivkovska 1148 10:00-10:12
FC007 A novel Computer Controlled Tri-dimensional Cutting and Cavity preparation Machine (CCTCCM) for Dental Laboratory Research Saied Mostafa Moazzami 46 10:12-10:24
FC008 CPP-ACPF application methods - effects on salivary parameters and fluoride level Halimah Awang 1072 10:24-10:36
FC009 Identification and antibiotic susceptibility of oral streptococci from dental plaque in children Aida Namani Rexhepi 1810 10:36-10:48
FC010 Dental Caries Experience and Periodontal Status among Schoolchildren in Georgia Mariam Margvelashvili 600 10:48-11:00
FCS02 | Free Communication Session 02 | B342 | 28.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC011 A survey on endodontic practice of dental practitioners in Turkey Selen Küçükkaya 308 09:00-09:12
FC012 An in vitro comparison of antibacterial effects of four different root canal irrigation method in root canals infected with Enterococcus faecalis Tuba Ayhan 2002 09:12-09:24
FC013 Assessment of New Root Canal Filling Material Based on Polymer-modified White Portland Cement with CaCl2:PH and solubility study Saud Jasim Dizayee 24 09:24-09:36
FC014 Bond strength of resin sealer to root canal dentin Fatih Aksoy 1719 09:36-09:48
FC015 Clinical Implications of Calcifying Nanoparticles In Dental Diseases: A Critical Review Mohammed S. Alenazy 306 09:48-10:00
FC016 Comparative Evaluation of Cleaning Efficacy of Root Canal using two Rotary Ni-Ti File System versus Hand K-File- A SEM Study Anil CHANDRA 1224 10:00-10:12
FC017 Different treatment of an external/internal root resorptions associated with periodontal- endodontic lesion: A 30 - month follow - up Yasemin Şentürk Yaman 1916 10:12-10:24
FC018 Effect of endodontic irrigants when used alone or in combinations on mineral content of human dentin Mehmet Burak Güneşer 1513 10:24-10:36
FC019 Interfacial adaptation and thickness of bioceramic-based root canal sealers Zeti Adura Che Ab Aziz 637 10:36-10:48
FC020 Investigation of the root and canal configuration of maxillary permanent first and second molars using cone-beam computed tomography Hatice Parlak 1952 10:48-11:00
FCS03 | Free Communication Session 03 | B343 | 28.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC021 A clinical photogrammetric technique for dental analysis and visualiation Ahmet Kürşad Çulhaoğlu 169 09:00-09:12
FC022 Comparative study on enamel microstructure of bovine and human incisors Baiping Fu 943 09:12-09:24
FC023 Adhesion of C. albicans and E. faecalis to various dental filling materials Ayçe Ünverdi Eldeniz 2010 09:24-09:36
FC024 The effect of Parylene coating on some properties of PMMA Fariba Motevasselian 510 09:36-09:48
FC025 Antibacterial Effects Of Conventional Glass Ionomer Cement Following Incorporation Of Benzalkonium Chloride And Cetylpyridinium Chloride Aleksandar Dimkov 515 09:48-10:00
FC026 Biocompatibility of two different restorative materials used in pediatric dentistry Mira Jankulovska 1682 10:00-10:12
FC027 Biodentine'tm – a biomaterial for endodontic applications - clinical cases Sonja Mihail Apostolska 1103 10:12-10:24
FC028 Bisphenol A Elution From Dental Resins: The Effect Of Temperature Didem Atabek 1234 10:24-10:36
FC029 Seven Year Clinical Evaluation of Filtek™ Silorane versus Tetric Ceram Sigfus Thor Eliason 1656 10:36-10:48
FC030 Detecting surface roughness of posterior composites after different polishing techniques with atomic force microscopy Kanşad Pala 1956 10:48-11:00
FCS04 | Free Communication Session 04 | B360 | 28.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC031 Calcium hydroxide iodofom Paste in Vital Pulpotomy - Randomized Controlled Study Samah Mohamed Awad 1573 09:00-09:12
FC032 This abstract will be presented on FCS20 on August 29th Ali Bagherian 229  
FC033 Clinical evaluation of a self-adhering flowable composite as a Class 1 restorative in primary molars: 12 months results Buse Ayşe Serin 1356 09:12-09:24
FC034 Color Stability of Anterior Restorations After Different Polishing Techniques Esma Yıldız 920 09:24-09:36
FC035 Comparison of anesthetic efficacy of intraligamentary and supraperiosteal anesthesia by using computer controlled delivery system Emine Kaya 1881 09:36-09:48
FC036 Comparison of Chemomechanical Caries Removal (Papacárie) versus Conventional Method in Children Merve Erkmen Almaz 1718 09:48-10:00
FC037 Cystic pathology features and contemporary treatment to children in hospital conditions Aldo Vangjeli 32 10:00-10:12
FC038 Effect of different surface treatments on shear bond strength of fissure sealants Kamil Kahraman 1648 10:12-10:24
FC039 Temperature Changes in the Pulpal Chamber of Primary Tooth Gül Tosun 729 10:24-10:36
FCS05 | Free Communication Session 05 | B332 | 28.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC040 ♀ Microleakage and fracture resistance of teeth with novel post Hanaa Ibraheem Sallam 777 11:30-11:42
FC041 A 4-year retrospective study of all-ceramic onlays Kübra Yıldız 1753 11:42-11:54
FC042 A comparison of validity between KKU surveyor and Ney surveyor Suwadee Aerarunchot 161 11:54-12:06
FC043 Clinical Performance Of Tooth-supported and Implant-supported Zirconia-Based Fixed Dental Prostheses Elif Coşkun 1256 12:06-12:18
FC044 Color interaction of screw hole filling materials in implant restorations Umut Çakan 588 12:18-12:30
FCS06 | Free Communication Session 06 | B342 | 28.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC046 Microleakage of class V composite restorations prepared by Er,Cr:YSGG laser Maan M. Nayif 922 11:30-11:42
FC047 Cytotoxicity of a self-adhesive resin luting cement with L-929 fibroblast cell line Irem Ece Kıyan 1112 11:42-11:54
FC048 Effect of Different Adhesive Systems and Chlorhexidine on Matrix Mettaloproteinase Arzu Kıran 1467 11:54-12:06
FC049 Mechanical Properties of Autocuring Temporary Crown and Bridge Materials Gozde Yerlioglu 1731 12:06-12:18
      1231 12:18-12:30
FCS07 | Free Communication Session 07 | B343 | 28.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC050 Bleaching Efficacy and Color Stability of Over-The-Counter Products Esra Uzer Çelik 795 11:30-11:42
FC051 Chromatic analysis of a nano-hybrid composite exposed to different whitening mouth rinses Osman Tolga Harorlı 746 11:42-11:54
FC052 Correction of crowding teeth in adults, simple approaches. Case report Doris Mingomataj 1310 11:54-12:06
FC053 Different light sources and pulpal temperature rise during office bleaching Tuğrul Sarı 699 12:06-12:18
FC054 effect of bioactive silica and bleaching on caries like lesions Hend Mohamed Ahmed 240 12:18-12:30
FCS08 | Free Communication Session 08 | B360 | 28.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC055 Mini-dental implants: an alternative approach to replace mandibular incisors Rahma Gazbar 1122 11:30-11:42
FC056 This abstract will be presented on FCS53 on August 31st Elizabeth Fitriana Sari 1482  
FC057 Salivary Markers for Oral Lichen Planus Disease Activity and Dysplasia Fatheya Mohamed Zahran 1705 11:42-11:54
FC058 Minor Oral surgery in patients on aspirin therapy-To stop the medication or not Suhael Ahmed 568 11:54-12:06
FC059 Oral surgery in inherited bleeding disorder population:effectiveness of local hemostasis Aicha Zaghbani 610 12:06-12:18
FC348 Results of dental injuries consultations in a paediatric dentistry department Houda El Khammal 1700 12:18-12:30
FCS09 | Free Communication Session 09 | B332 | 28.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC060 Biomechanical behavior of dental prosthesis Bel Abbes Bachir Bouiadjra 144 14:00-14:12
FC061 3-D-FEA for Different Implant Designs Under Thermal and Dynamic Loading Emre Şeker 1506 14:12-14:24
FC062 A Technique To Fabricate Passively Fitting Cast Frameworks For Fixed Detachable Implant-Supported Prostheses Burak Tuncer Özçelik 771 14:24-14:36
FC063 Accuracy assessment of computer assisted implant planning and placement Deeksha Rajkumar 1882 14:36-14:48
FC064 Clinical and radiographic evaluation of IDcamTM dental implants Merve Bankoglu Gungor 580 14:48-15:00
FCS10 | Free Communication Session 10 | B342 | 28.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC065 Eruption with axis’s adjustment of a cyst-associated mandibular premolar Hajer Hentati 1161 14:00-14:12
FC066 Genetic implication in supernumerary teeth-surgical approach Zana Bajrami Agani 1778 14:12-14:24
FC067 Heart rate control in oral surgery hypertensive patients: music strategy Maria Cristina Zindel Deboni 680 14:24-14:36
FC068 Is Lingual Injection Necessary in Mandibular Anterior Tooth Extraction? Bilal Ege 1910 14:36-14:48
FC069 Large Odontogenic Cystic Lesions with Ectopic Impacted Teeth: Case Reports Alen Palancıoğlu 196 14:48-15:00
FCS11 | Free Communication Session 11 | B343 | 28.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC070 The Effects of Humic Acid on the Local and Systemic IL-1β and IL-10 Levels in Ligature-induced Periodontitis in Rats Metin Çalışır 1993 14:00-14:12
FC071 Analysis of interleukin-6-174 and nt565 gene polymorphisms in relation to chronic periodontis in Macedonians Aneta Atanasovska Stojanovska 1388 14:12-14:24
FC072 Baseline radiographic defect angle as a prognostic indicator of regenerative periodontal surgery Martu Silvia 1386 14:24-14:36
FC073 Clinical evaluation of periodontal parameters in marginal dental restorations Seyed Ali Banihashemrad 45 14:36-14:48
FC074 Does periodontal therapy reduce gastric Helicobacter pylori recurrence? A meta-analysis Amal Bouziane 492 14:48-15:00
FCS12 | Free Communication Session 12 | B360 | 28.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC075 Systemic Correlates of TMJ Neuro-Inflammation Garabed Gary Demerjian 105 14:00-14:12
FC076 The Effect of Ceramic Thickness and Number of Firings on the Color of Densely and Partially Sintered Zirconia Ceramic Systems Volkan Şahin 496 14:12-14:24
FC077 Comparative analyse of variables of metal ceramic dental bridges Sherif Ismen Shaqiri 83 14:24-14:36
FC078 The Impact of Complete Dentures on Oral Health Related Quality of Life Linda Dula 1085 14:36-14:48
FC079 Treatment management in cases with bruxism Biljana Kapusevska 464 14:48-15:00
FCS13 | Free Communication Session 13 | B332 | 28.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC080 “Smile Healthy to Your Diabetes”: Health Coaching Based Intervention for Diabetes and Oral Health Management Ayse Basak Cinar 1269 15:30-15:42
FC081 Adolescents' Opinion on School-Based Oral Health Education Nurul Syakirin Abdul Shukor 537 15:42-15:54
FC082 Gender and weight concerns among an adolescent population Omolara Uti 1196 15:54-16:06
FC083 Greek dentists' work-related stress during the economic crisis Aristomenis I Syngelakis 1893 16:06-16:18
FC084 Gingival Crevicular Fluid levels of Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in Patients with Aggressive Periodontitis Şadiye Coşkuner 1699 16:18-16:30
FCS14 | Free Communication Session 14 | B342 | 28.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC085 A new apparatus: Changing the bonding force of impression tray to the edentulous jaw Yusuf Ziya Akpınar 701 15:30-15:42
FC086 A New Technique For Controling The Patient Using RFID Card Hasan Akbaba 1361 15:42-15:54
FC087 Study of the Radius of the Monson’s sphere in Iranian adults Farnoosh Taghavi Damghani 1021 15:54-16:06
FC088 Residual Ridge morphology in.African American versus Caucasian women,And clincial management Asha Samant 1360 16:06-16:18
FC089 An investigation into the effect of different preparation designs and try-in pastes, on the overall color of ceramic laminate veneer restorations Erhan Tuğcu 1295 16:18-16:30
FCS15 | Free Communication Session 15 | B343 | 28.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC090 "Nasoalveolarmolding For Infants with Complete Unilateral Cleft lip and palate" Mosleh Saad Alharbi 929 15:30-15:42
FC091 A Comparative Evaluation of Active Vertical Protraction Appliance(AVPA) and Reverse Headgear: A Randomized Comparative Clinical Trial Berk Özoğul 658 15:42-15:54
FC092 A Comparison Of Two Different Digital Model Analysis Programs Burcu Aydın 1282 15:54-16:06
FC093 Antibacterial Effects Of 6 Orthodontic Bonding Materials Zeliha Muge Baka 1284 16:06-16:18
FC094 Surgical Assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion-case report Mergime Prekazi Loxha 659 16:18-16:30
FCS16 | Free Communication Session 16 | B360 | 28.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC095 Endodontic Articles Published in Pubmed-Indexed Journals from Turkey Emel Uzunoglu 1478 15:30-15:42
FC096 Effect of radiotherapy on the sealing ability of obturating materials Aseem Prakash Tikku 181 15:42-15:54
FC097 Effect of Zoledronate Therapy on Bone Loss in Experimental Periapical Lesions in Rats Manuel Marques Ferreira 52 15:54-16:06
FC098 Effectiveness Of Irrigation Actıvation Protocols On Smear Layer and Debris Removal İsmail Davut Çapar 513 16:06-16:18
FC099 Microirricodontics Anuj Bhardwaj 174 16:18-16:30
FCS17 | Free Communication Session 17 | B332 | 29.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC100 Antimicrobial efficacy of Salvadora persica extracts on orthodontic brackets Nimmi Biju Abraham 574 09:00-09:12
FC101 Assessment of Fluctuating Asymmetry in Various Malocclusions Saima Nizar Hirji 110 09:12-09:24
FC102 Camoflauge- a viable option for treatment of skeletal Class III malocclusion Vaishali Devidas Vadgaonkar 1875 09:24-09:36
FC103 Comparison of Shear Bond Strength between waterlase laser and sandblasting recycling methods on stainless steel orthodontic brackets Aida Nur Ashikin Abd Rahman 347 09:36-09:48
FC104 The effect of water flow rate used for laser surface treatment on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets Rıdvan Okşayan 641 09:48-10:00
FC105 Dental plaque associated with self-ligating brackets during orthodontic treatment Saud A Al Anezi 545 10:00-10:12
FC106 The Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Orthodontic Tooth Movement Beyza Karadede 1291 10:12-10:24
FC107 Disinfection of Thermoplastic Appliances Atılım Akkurt 1302 10:24-10:36
FC108 Do Intracoronal Bleaching Methods Effect On Shear-Bond-Strengths Of Orthodontic Brackets? Yasin Erdem Akgül 1874 10:36-10:48
FC109 Relationship between Cervical Column Morphology and Skeletal Deep Bite Leyli Sadri 888 10:48-11:00
FCS18 | Free Communication Session 18 | B342 | 29.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC110 Investigation of cement-Y-TZP bond-strength after different surface treatments Bengisu Yıldırım 1265 09:00-09:12
FC111 Effect of curing mode on microhardness of resin-modified vs conventional glassionomer Mohamed Hussein Zaazou 1029 09:12-09:24
FC112 Effect of different exposure times on the amount of residual monomer released from adhesive systems Mustafa Altunsoy 399 09:24-09:36
FC113 Effect of Surface-teratments on Bonding of Composites to Porcelain Hatice Özdemir 1065 09:36-09:48
FC114 Effects of boron on the physical properties of PMMA Derya Özdemir Doğan 1508 09:48-10:00
FC115 Effects of calcium-silicate based materials on the dentine Ewelina Mielko 1396 10:00-10:12
FC116 Effects of Different Accelerators on Setting Properties of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Halenur Onat 1912 10:12-10:24
FC117 Advantage of combined amalgam-composite restoration: In vitro leakage study Fadhel Ali Alsanabani 514 10:24-10:36
FC118 Influence of TiO2 nanoparticles on surface microhardness and roughness of experimental resin composites Zeynep Yegin 1924 10:36-10:48
FC119 Cytotoxicity of resin cements on bovine pulp-derived cells Necla Demir 1913 10:48-11:00
FCS19 | Free Communication Session 19 | B343 | 29.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC120 Dental Status of Primary School Pupils at AL-Sheik Othman District,Aden2009 Taraji Ali Abdallah 322 09:00-09:12
FC121 A minimal invasive technique in managing carious primary anterior teeth Dalia Mohammed Moheb 1525 09:12-09:24
FC122 Effect of Acid Etching and Different Er:YAG Laser Procedures on Microleakage of Three Different Fissure Sealants in Primary Teeth after Aging Murat Ünal 1113 09:24-09:36
FC123 Antibacterial effect of novel formulations containing Lysozyme and Lactoferrin Kübra Tonguç Altın 818 09:36-09:48
FC124 effect of cpp-acp on hard dental tissues remineralization Shady Ahmed Moussa 1157 09:48-10:00
FC125 Effect of water rinsing after APF gel on plaque acidity Fatemeh Mazhari 1090 10:00-10:12
FC126 Mineral mapping of incipient fissure enamel lesions Mahdi Shahmoradi 782 10:12-10:24
FC127 Consequences of untreated caries in preschool children expressed according to Pufa-index Agim Begzat Begzati 1502 10:24-10:36
FC128 Natural mouthwash provides long term dental prevention Bálint Bencze 421 10:36-10:48
FC129 Oral hygiene and dental caries in 5- to 6-year-old children in Ajman, UAE Raghad Hashim 137 10:48-11:00
FCS20 | Free Communication Session 20 | B360 | 29.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC130 E-Cadherin as a marker for nodal metastasis in Head and Neck Squamous cell carcinoma Saima Akram Butt 584 09:00-09:12
FC131 Expression Of Alpha Smooth Muscle Actin On Stromal Myofibroblasts In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Afsheen Maqsood 590 09:12-09:24
FC132 The role of a fluorescence screening method in the detection of oral precancer and cancer Şebnem Erçalık Yalçınkaya 868 09:24-09:36
FC133 A Case of Aggressive Calcifying Cystic Odontogenic Tumor Serkan Dadakoğlu 444 09:36-09:48
FC134 A rare foreign body within a radicular cyst in a child Marouene Bel Hadj Hassine 1165 09:48-10:00
FC135 Assault Related oral and maxillofacial injuries reported at General hospital dental centre, Lagos, Nigeria Akanbi Olurotimi Olojede 192 10:00-10:12
FC136 Clinicopathological Significance of Survivin Expression in Odontogenic Tumors Ingy Ahmed Hussein 450 10:12-10:24
FC137 The contribution of 3D navigation in the implanto-prosthetic rehabilitation Norina Consuela Forna 1976 10:24-10:36
FC138 Epidemiological considerations for stage 0 bisphosponate-associated maxillary osteonecrosis Andreea Paula Moraru 1134 10:36-10:48
FC032 Can hydrophilic fissure sealants be acceptable alternative to hydrophobic sealants? Ali Bagherian 229 10:48-11:00
FCS21 | Free Communication Session 21 | B332 | 29.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC139 Can Mothers Be Empowered to Screen Dental Caries In Their Own Preschool Children? Syarifah Haizan Sayed Kamar 1443 11:30-11:42
FC140 Caries Experience in 6-15 years old type 1 Diabetic children in Karachi Anjum Younus Mirker 917 11:42-11:54
FC141 Delay In Diagnosis Of Oral Cancer In Malaysian Population Ngah Nurul Aida 1569 11:54-12:06
FC142 Effect of Doctor patient communication on Patient Satisfaction Afesobi Afunbiokin Leo Olagbaye 256 12:06-12:18
FC143 Primary oral health care and optimal oral health Miljana Miljko Petrovi&263; Punoševac 1491 12:18-12:30
FCS22 | Free Communication Session 22 | B342 | 29.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC144 Analysis of incidence and types of complete denture fractures Funda Erol 1455 11:30-11:42
FC145 Assesment of dimensional stability and accuracy of three different elastomeric impression materials using micro-computed tomography Yılmaz Umut Aslan 1561 11:42-11:54
FC146 Biomechanical aspects in prosthetic rehabilitation through removable partial denture Ovidiu Stamatin 1299 11:54-12:06
FC147 Bond Strength of Different Adhesive Systems on Resin-bonded FDPs with Different Inlay-retainer Designs Ediz Kale 1120 12:06-12:18
FC148 Relationship between satisfaction with complete dentures and basal seat characteristics Bolanle Oyeyemi Akinboboye 106 12:18-12:30
FCS23 | Free Communication Session 23 | B343 | 29.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC149 Extrinsic Stain Removal With a Toothpowder: A Randomized Controlled Trial Muhammad Khalil Khan 579 11:30-11:42
FC150 Findings in the Periodontium of Children Exposed to Environmental Tobacco Smoke Basma Mostafa Zaki 125 11:42-11:54
FC151 Using of ibandronic acid in therapy of periodontal disease Iryna Mazur 88 11:54-12:06
FC152 Romanian young adults’ periodontal risk exposure and oral health behavior - a pilot study Mariana Caramida 1155 12:06-12:18
FC153 The effect of secondary hemodialysis therapy on periodontium Martu Alexandra 1387 12:18-12:30
FCS24 | Free Communication Session 24 | B360 | 29.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC154 Accuracy of a Novel Stereolithographic Guide for Computer-Aided Impant Placement Helin Kara 1698 11:30-11:42
FC155 Advanced Modalities In Dental Implant Imaging Walid Samir Salem 423 11:42-11:54
FC156 Avoiding crestal bone overload and microgaps - Biomechanics of conical implant-abutment connections Philipp Streckbein 190 11:54-12:06
FC157 Can Implants Successfully Supports Fixed Ceramic Fused To Metal Prosthesis In Periodontally Compromised Mouths Saad Yasin Nori 442 12:06-12:18
FC158 Block Allografts with and without Membranes in Horizontal Ridge Augmentation Omid Moghaddas 122 12:18-12:30
FCS25 | Free Communication Session 25 | B332 | 29.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC159 Oral Health Knowledge and Behavior among 12-Year Olds Female Students Eman Abdalhamed Almenezaa 455 14:00-14:12
FC160 Malaysian adult oral health scenario: changes over a decade Siew Lian Yaw 97 14:12-14:24
FC161 Odontogenic infections due to the untreated caries in children Teuta Ademaj Kutllovci 1827 14:24-14:36
FC162 Epidemiological study of Oral Cancer in Colombia:1990-2009 Angel Emilio Bernal 140 14:36-14:48
FC163 Assessing oral health related quality of life in oncologic patients Süleyman Ziya Şenyurt 1383 14:48-15:00
FCS26 | Free Communication Session 26 | B342 | 29.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC164 Orthodontic Management of Impacted Teeth Amr Nabil Asker 57 14:00-14:12
FC165 Effect of Intra-Arch Tooth-Size Arch-Length Discrepancy on the Accuracy of Digital Models in Orthodontic Diagnosis Ramy Mohammed Fathy 1658 14:12-14:24
FC166 Effect of Menstrual Cycle on Orthodontic Pain Perception Zehra Ileri 1918 14:24-14:36
FC167 Effect of the bracket types on microbial colonization and periodontal status Fatma Deniz Uzuner 980 14:36-14:48
FC168 Effects of Self-Ligating Brackets on Halitosis, Periodontal and Microbial Parameters Serpil Çokakoğlu 355 14:48-15:00
FCS27 | Free Communication Session 27 | B343 | 29.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC169 Evaluation of Maxillar Incisor Proportions in Turkish Population Gökçe Meriç 837 14:00-14:12
FC170 Effect of in-office bleaching units on composite shear bond strength Homayoon Alaghehmand 806 14:12-14:24
FC171 Er.YAG laser assisted labial frenectomies Marina Jugoslav Kacarska 644 14:24-14:36
FC172 The Use of the Five Year Index by Dental Students for Assessing Dental Arch Relationships in Patients with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Beyza Tagrikulu 802 14:36-14:48
FC173 Replacement of Missing teeth on Adolescent Patients after Orthodontic Treatment Edlira Papa 1440 14:48-15:00
FCS28 | Free Communication Session 28 | B360 | 29.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC174 Comparative evaluation of Chronic Periapical Lesions diagnosis based on conventional radiography semi-serial sections histopathology and serial sections histopathology Resmije Ademi 1785 14:00-14:12
FC175 Immediate Implant Placement in Esthetic Zone for Class III Patient Rafaa Taher Swesi 761 14:12-14:24
FC176 Impact of local vitamin D application on alveolar bone regeneration: a pre-clinical study Gabriella Dvorak 1577 14:24-14:36
FC177 Documentation of WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in Oral Surgery Gezala Umar 1236 14:36-14:48
FC178 Dry socket incidence after third molar extraction using chlorhexidine gel 1% Jehona Reçica Ahmedi 1776 14:48-15:00
FCS29 | Free Communication Session 29 | B332 | 29.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC179 Antimicrobial activities of essential oil of Nigella sativa against Periodontal diseased Tir Touil Meddah Aicha 296 15:30-15:42
FC180 The influence of CD4+T cell counts on HIV-associated periodontal disease Cathy Nisha John 663 15:42-15:54
FC181 Impact of Scaling and Root Planing on Red Complex Periodontopathogens in Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis Çiğdem Paşalı 1068 15:54-16:06
FC182 Subantimicrobial-dose doxycycline as adjunctive treatment for periodontitis in diabetics Marwa Abdelhakim Gomaa 357 16:06-16:18
FC183 Treatment of periodontal infrabony defects with demineralised freeze dried bone allograft alone or in combination with platelet rich fibrin Arundeep Kaur Lamba 703 16:18-16:30
FCS30 | Free Communication Session 30 | B342 | 29.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC184 Effect of Menstrual Cycle on Frequency of Alveolar Osteitis in Women Undergoing Surgical Removal of Mandibular Third Molars: a Single-blind Randomized Clinical Trial Naser Mohammadzadeh Rezaei 1355 15:30-15:42
FC185 How much should the dentist know about medical conditions? Awad Omran Ashekhi 323 15:42-15:54
FC186 Cell- and Gene-expression in peri-implant soft tissue during dental implant healing Stefan Schultze Mosgau 656 15:54-16:06
FC187 Placement and Replacement of Restorations in General Dental Practice Svend Richter 526 16:06-16:18
FC188 Screening and Identifying Tooth Shade in Group of Sudanese Patients Neamat Hassan Abu Bakr 582 16:18-16:30
FCS31 | Free Communication Session 31 | B343 | 29.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC189 The effect of liquid polishing materials on stainability of provisional material Haluk Baris Kara 647 15:30-15:42
FC190 Comparison of aging and repair methods on composite-zirconia bonding Gözde Çelik 652 15:42-15:54
FC191 Effects of boron on the cytotoxicity and antiseptic properties of PMMA Hakan Akin 797 15:54-16:06
FC192 Compatibility of hard chairside reline resins and denture cleansers: Influence on surface roughness Ozlem Kara 878 16:06-16:18
FC193 The prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with Down syndrome Teuta Pustina-krasniqi 1036 16:18-16:30
FCS32 | Free Communication Session 32 | B360 | 29.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC194 Efficacy Of Platelet-Rich-Fibrin and Mineral-Trioxide-Aggregate In Pulpotomy of Decayed Permanent Teeth with and without Low-Level-Laser-Therapy: A Clinical Trial Fayaz Ahmed Ahangar 217 15:30-15:42
FC195 Morphometric Of Upper First Premolar Among Different Ethnic Groups In Klang Valley, Malaysia Normaliza Ab. Malik 1528 15:42-15:54
FC196 Multidisciplinary approach to a complicated crown-root fracture: A case report Tuba Gök 1141 15:54-16:06
FC197 New Root Canal Sealer Based On Calcium Silicate - Chitosan Raid Fahim Salman 1458 16:06-16:18
FC198 Microleakage of root canals treated with laser, PDT and NaOCl Tzvetelina Gueorgieva Gueorgieva 383 16:18-16:30
FCS33 | Free Communication Session 33 | B332 | 30.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC199 Enamel emineralization by toothpastes (SEM, EDX and 3D-stereomicrographic study) Elizabeta S Gjorgievska 720 09:00-09:12
FC200 Evaluation and comparision of the shear bond strength of three different metal-ceramic repair systems Gülsüm Sayın 903 09:12-09:24
FC201 Evaluation of bond strength of two self-etching agents after different laser etching Abdül Semih Özsevik 1382 09:24-09:36
FC202 Evaluation of Premature Contacts and Occlusal Balance of Complete Dentures Duygu Kürklü 758 09:36-09:48
FC203 Microshear bond strength of preheated silorane-based composite resin to dentin Muhammed Çayabatmaz 1438 09:48-10:00
FC204 Radiopacity of Flowable Composite Resins Derya Yıldırım 1938 10:00-10:12
FC205 SEM investigation of the enamel surface after laser assisted tooth bleaching Marija Stevanovikj 1907 10:12-10:24
FC206 The effect of photo-activated disinfection (PAD) on microshear bond strength of adhesives Sezer Demirbuğa 1166 10:24-10:36
FC207 Development of a new aproach to the periodontal regeneration Carlos Viegas 1429 10:36-10:48
FC208 The effect of three different blood stoppers on microshear bond strength of self etch adhesives Yahya Orçun Zorba 2004 10:48-11:00
FCS34 | Free Communication Session 34 | B342 | 30.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC209 Do Different Veneering Techniques Affect Mechanical Performance of Zirconia Framework? Burcu Kanat 869 09:00-09:12
FC210 Effect of different mucosa thickness on stress distrubition of two types implant-supported overdenture designs Özgün Yusuf Özyılmaz 1527 09:12-09:24
FC211 Effect of insertion and removal of tooth supported overdentures on retention strength and fatigue resistance of two commercially available attachment systems Sagar Jagdish Abichandani 1943 09:24-09:36
FC212 Effect of laser on the bond strenght between zirconium-oxide ceramic and dental porcelain Seda Keban 1784 09:36-09:48
FC213 Effect of the dental arches morphology on the masticatory muscles activities Teresa Sierpinska 1486 09:48-10:00
FC214 Effect-of-Silane Applied to Glass-Ceramics at Different Temperatures on Surface Structure and Bonding Strength Tevfik Yavuz 1204 10:00-10:12
FC215 Laser-assisted treatment of TMD Julia Emil Kamenoff 340 10:12-10:24
FC216 Prevalence Of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders Among The Dental Students Zeliha Şanıvar 1261 10:24-10:36
FC217 Micro CT evaluation of air bubbles in luting cements after cementation Meral Arslan Malkoç 1246 10:36-10:48
FC218 A comparison of accuracy of four different impression materials Ayşe Gözde Türk 695 10:48-11:00
FCS35 | Free Communication Session 35 | B343 | 30.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC219 Long Term Follow up For Replanted Tooth(remained extraorally fro 7 dayes)With Success.Case Report Abdlmonem Mabrok Aljibani 147 09:00-09:12
FC220 Platelet Rich Fibrin: A newer approach for regenerative endodontics Neelam Mittal 345 09:12-09:24
FC221 Self-Adjusting File separation during clinical use: An international survey Eleftherios Terry R Farmakis 661 09:24-09:36
FC222 Management of pulpless teeth with immature apices – a clinical & radiographic study Surendra Kumar Mishra 257 09:36-09:48
FC223 The role of apical surgery in guided tissue regeneration Ayse Nazli Ozgun 749 09:48-10:00
FC224 Tooth discoloration induced by different dental materials Tringa Kelmendi 501 10:00-10:12
FC225 WaveOne NiTi single file reciprocating system for Root Canal Preparation Mohammad Shamsul Alam 791 10:12-10:24
FC226 Fracture resistance of flared canals obturated with new obturation materials Salma Abdo 150 10:24-10:36
FC227 Evaluation of the duration of continuous ultrasonic irrigation in the removal of dentinal debris in the apical third: An experimental study İbrahim Ethem Yaylalı 1244 10:36-10:48
FC228 Effect of Insulin Growth Factor-1 and Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2on The Osteogenic Capability of Isolated Dental Pulp Stem Cells Effat Ahmed Abbass 1089 10:48-11:00
FCS36 | Free Communication Session 36 | B360 | 30.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC229 Do we explain “the dental implant” correcty to our patiens? Halenur Bilir 1998 09:00-09:12
FC230 The effect of shape optimization of platform switching of a dental implant on static, dynamic and fatigue behavior by 3-D finite element method Emir Yüzbaşıoğlu 1990 09:12-09:24
FC231 Evaluation the accuracy of two implant impression techniques with malposed implants Zeynep İrkeç 836 09:24-09:36
FC232 Five-year clinical evaluation using two different attachment systems for two-implant supported mandibular overdentures Sadullah Üçtaşlı 1980 09:36-09:48
FC233 Immediate loading of implants in edentulous mandibles with Locator® or Dolder®-bar: first results from a prospective randomized clinical study Constantin Eiffler 1510 09:48-10:00
FC234 Strength evaluation of three implant-abutment connection under compressive loading Azam Sadat Mostafavi 116 10:00-10:12
FC235 Sinus floor elevation using a sintered, natural bone mineral. A histomorphometrical case report study Daniel Rothamel 984 10:12-10:24
FC236 Labio-lingual dimensions changes after horizontal bone augmentation with xenografts Enis Fikret Ahmedi 1894 10:24-10:36
FC237 Intra-oral halitosis patients with dental implants Anna Voronina 1568 10:36-10:48
FC238 Difficult cases and their clinical solution Drwalid Khalid Odeh 272 10:48-11:00
FCS37 | Free Communication Session 37 | B332 | 30.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC239 Smile Analysis and treatment options for gummy smile patients Ahmed Korayem Abdelrahman 205 11:30-11:42
FC240 smile design: old problem new solutions Mostaque H Sattar 1206 11:42-11:54
FC241 Wireless Orthodontics and Flapless Dental Implants Ahmed A Moneim 315 11:54-12:06
FC242 Yoga for Dental Laboratory Technicians Meenakshi Verma 1877 12:06-12:18
FC243 Cytotoxicity of hemostatic agents on the human gingival fibroblast Çağatay Barutcigil 963 12:18-12:30
FCS38 | Free Communication Session 38 | B342 | 30.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC244 Two-body wear of five provisional crown materials Hanefi Kurt 1167 11:30-11:42
FC245 Vestibular deepening with the aid of the diode laser: Clinical experiences Nermin Demirkol 1522 11:42-11:54
FC246 Visual and instrumental agreement in dental shade selection Buket Evren 1297 11:54-12:06
FC247 Microleakage of inlay ceramic systems luted with resin cements Elif Saran 523 12:06-12:18
FC248 Needs and demands for prosthetic treatment of missing teeth among Jordanian population Gadeer Elea Mukatash Nimrin 58 12:18-12:30
FCS39 | Free Communication Session 39 | B343 | 30.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC249 A retrospective study of Oral Lichen Planus in adult population in Greece Aikaterini Dimitriou 671 11:30-11:42
FC250 This abstract will be presented as a poster due to presenters health problems Clinical assessment and characteristics of a group of Turkish patients with oral mucosal diseases Asuman Akgün 1651 P838
FC251 Lupus patient -- The dentist has a very important role to play Shegufta Mohammad 102 11:54-12:06
FC252 The effect of supersaturated calcium-phosphate oral rinse on oral yeasts infection Marinka Mravak Stipetic 528 12:06-12:18
FC253 Oral health and Oral Hygiene Practices among Institutionalized Orphans, Yemen Esam Halboub 302 12:18-12:30
FCS40 | Free Communication Session 40 | B360 | 30.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC254 Platelet rich fibrin membrane over immediate implants Walaa Kadry Hafez 451 11:30-11:42
FC255 Rare case of multifocal papilloma virus epithelial hyperplasia Elitsa Georgieva Deliverska 845 11:42-11:54
FC256 Removal of Fibromatosis Lesions Using Diode Laser (810 nm) Two Cases Report Bilge Yüksel Köroğlu 667 11:54-12:06
FC257 Sinus Floor Augmentation using Polyethylen Glycol Hydrogel or Collagen Membrane Laurent Ohayon 430 12:06-12:18
FC258 The Imperatives Of 3-Dimensional Implant Position In Defected Esthetic Zones Kadhim Abul Ameer Al Himdani 351 12:18-12:30
FCS41 | Free Communication Session 41 | B342 | 30.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC259 Community–Oriented Primary Oral Health Care in Nigeria: The Abeokuta Initiative Sherifat Omolola Quadri 1711 14:00-14:12
FC260 Continuous development of an oral health score for clinical audit Michael Clive Busby 378 14:12-14:24
FC261 Trends in Caries Status of Schoolchildren in Malaysia Noor Aliyah Ismail 821 14:24-14:36
FC262 Betel Nut Chewing Associated With Severe Periodontitis- Case Report Dhirendra Kumar Giri 414 14:36-14:48
FC263 deo2u: an innovation in dental education online Mahyunah Masud 809 14:48-15:00
FCS42 | Free Communication Session 42 | B343 | 30.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC264 Mandibular and Lumbar Bone Mineral Density with QCT in Egyptian Females Dina Mohamed El Beshlawy 491 14:00-14:12
FC265 The phenomenon of ectopic eruption of the teeth clinical point of view Khaled Mohamed Mansour 168 14:12-14:24
FC266 The titanium meshes effectiveness in reconstructing three-dimensional alveolar defects Giuseppe Lizio 854 14:24-14:36
FC267 Treatment of Peri-implant Mucosal Hyperplasia Using Er:YAG (2940 nm) Laser Zekai Yaman 676 14:36-14:48
FC268 Unusual case of facial asymmetry Reem Hanna 851 14:48-15:00
FCS43 | Free Communication Session 43 | B360 | 30.08.2013 | 14:00 - 15:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC269 An Assessment of Prescription Writing Skill in Undergraduate Dental Students Ashfaq Akram 114 14:00-14:12
FC270 Capacity of Kenyan Health Facilities for Decentralized Dental Training Marjorie Kaswii Muasya 208 14:12-14:24
FC271 Internationally Trained Dental Programs in the United States of America Ival G Mcdermott 78 14:24-14:36
FC272 Is evidence based practice implemented by todays’ European students? Elpida Samara 651 14:36-14:48
FC273 Research in Evidence-Based Dentistry for the General Practice Francesco Chiappelli 81 14:48-15:00
FCS44 | Free Communication Session 44 | B343 | 30.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC274 Patients preference according to doctors gender and age Jeta Kelmendi 476 15:30-15:42
FC275 Reducing the Colonization of Bacteria in Dental Unit Waterlines and Wastewaters Resmiye Ebru Tirali 60 15:42-15:54
FC276 Smoking among Dental Students in Tunisia Fethi Maatouk 41 15:54-16:06
FC277 Interdisciplinary approaches to diagnosis of functional statement of dental system Evgeny Solovykh 1005 16:06-16:18
FC278 Switching to CBCT: is it beneficial to the dental practitioner? Mushira Mohamed Dahaba 376 16:18-16:30
FCS45 | Free Communication Session 45 | B343 | 30.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC279 My Guiding Principles For Long Term Implant Success Mahmood Hussain Qureshi 156 15:30-15:42
FC280 Photoelastic Stress Analysis of 3 Implant Retained Mandibular Overdentures Emre Tokar 1469 15:42-15:54
FC281 Predictable Prognosis of Immediate Implant Placement for Retained Deciduous Siti Mariam Ab Ghani 726 15:54-16:06
FC282 Resorbable versus nonresorbable barrier with immediate implantation after functional loading Sahar elkholy 559 16:06-16:18
FC283 Clinical evaluation of submerged and nonsubmerged implants for single-tooth replacements İrem Türkcan 362 16:18-16:30
FCS46 | Free Communication Session 46 | B360 | 30.08.2013 | 15:30 - 16:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC284 Gradual versus immediate restoration of occlusal vertical dimension Mai Salah Eldin 552 15:30-15:42
FC285 Improve Surface Topography of Silicone Elastomer for Maxillofacial Prostheses Salah Khalaf Al Rawi 1101 15:42-15:54
FC286 Panoramic Radiograpic Findings of Implant-supported Mandibular Overdentures Zeynep Yeğin 760 15:54-16:06
FC287 Microhardness and surface roughness of denture teeth stored in various beverages Şule Tuğba Özak 275 16:06-16:18
FC288 Shear Bond Strength of Metal Brackets to Different Ceramics Pinar Cevik 1133 16:18-16:30
FCS47 | Free Communication Session 47 | B332 | 31.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC289 Reliability of YENangle and MVI as New Sagittal dysplasia Indicators Mohammed Hossam Eldeen Elnagar 86 09:00-09:12
FC290 Evaluation of the Cleft Lip and Palate patients in the Southeast Anatolia Region Between 2006-2012 Years Nursezen Çağatay 1864 09:12-09:24
FC291 Face Driven Orthodontics Khaled Samir Aboulazm 1408 09:24-09:36
FC292 The Orthodontic Evaluation of Adolescent Celiac Patient Merve Göymen 1336 09:36-09:48
FC293 The Replacement of Missing teeth on Adolescent Patients after Orthodontic Treatment Edlira Baruti 792 09:48-10:00
FC294 Three dimensional mapping of inter-radicular distances and cortical bone thickness in patients with different vertical facial dimensions Mais Medhat Sadek 1821 10:00-10:12
FC295 Low Level Laser Therapy for Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement Shahul Hameed Faizee 392 10:12-10:24
FC296 Masticatory efficiency in subjects with Angle malloclusion class II division 1 and malocclusion class II division 2 Vesna Jankulovska 1095 10:24-10:36
FC297 Early preventive orthodontics and multidisciplinary approach in pediatric dentistry Vesna Barac Furtinger 1494 10:36-10:48
FC298 Does orthodontic treatment improve the quality of life? Md Nazmul Hasan 564 10:48-11:00
FCS48 | Free Communication Session 48 | B342 | 31.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC299 Social aspects of the dental treatment of patients with replaced renal function Svetoslav Jivkov Garov 1116 09:00-09:12
FC300 Socioeconomic mobility and tobacco consumption patterns in fish industry workers Shashidhar Acharya 438 09:12-09:24
FC301 Evaluation of Practice of Cross Infection Control for Dental Impressions Among Laboratory Technicians and Prosthodontists in KSA Nabila Ahmed Sedky Abdel Karim 186 09:24-09:36
FC302 Text2Floss An innovative option to improve Oral Health Across Continents Jack Dillenberg 877 09:36-09:48
FC303 The dental caries experienced on 3-5 year old children expressed by ICDAS-index Blerta Latifi Xhemajli 1798 09:48-10:00
FC304 Prevention of cross contamination in the area of infection control procedures in dental laboratory & clinic auther Mohamed Khaled Ahmed Azzam 1841 10:00-10:12
FC305 Tobacco-Use Cessation in Dental Clinics: A survey of Dentist’s knowledge, attitude and practices Thanveer Kalantharakath 456 10:12-10:24
FC306 Can Dental Panoramic Radiography Help Screen Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women? Fırat Selvi 596 10:24-10:36
FC307 Areca nut chewing among primary school children of Karachi, Pakistan Arham Nawaz Chohan 232 10:36-10:48
FC308 Holistic approach to preventive dentistry as applied in Manisa, Turkey Can Polat 1042 10:48-11:00
FCS49 | Free Communication Session 49 | B343 | 31.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC309 Effects of splint therapy on temporomandibular joint disorders with respect to anxiety and depression Nazlı Zeynep Aktaş 1194 09:00-09:12
FC310 Epidemiological study of fixed prostheses effects on the interproximal space Dalenda Hadyaoui 1180 09:12-09:24
FC311 Esthetic outcome evaluation of maxillary anterior single tooth bone level implants Erkut Kahramanoğlu 1268 09:24-09:36
FC312 Evaluation of bonding strength of repair system on zirconia restoration Ayşe Tuba Öğreten 1560 09:36-09:48
FC313 Growth of microorganisms on patients with dentures, in vivo study Leandro E Feliz 478 09:48-10:00
FC314 Impact of Type of Denture On Oral Health Related Quality of Life ( OHFQoL) Işıl Özcan 664 10:00-10:12
FC315 Influence of laser application on bond strength of fiber posts Nesrin Ceren 881 10:12-10:24
FC316 Influence of Shade of Resin Cement on Polymerization Shrinkage Ender Akan 2009 10:24-10:36
FC317 Radiofrequency heating and magnetic field interactions of fixed partial dentures during 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging Simel Ayyildiz 1273 10:36-10:48
FC318 Effect of polymeric guanidine on disinfection of denture base material Aysegul Kurt 1657 10:48-11:00
FCS50 | Free Communication Session 50 | B360 | 31.08.2013 | 09:00 - 11:00
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC319 Horizontal alveolar ridge augmentation using standardized press-fit bone cylinders and micro-lag-screw fixation: technical note and initial experience Roland Streckbein 428 09:00-09:12
FC320 Effect of Platelet-rich Fibrin application during implant surgery: Two years results Yildiz Ozkan 956 09:12-09:24
FC321 Management of a giant-cell tumor associated with an impacted canine Radhia Ben Ali 1169 09:24-09:36
FC322 Management of two large radicular cysts with enucleation and orthograde retreatment Asuman Eroğlu 1908 09:36-09:48
FC323 Mechanism of Rescue for the Secondary Palate Cleft with Overexpression of Smad2 Husein A Al Omer 67 09:48-10:00
FC324 Evaluation of Implant placement in extraction sockets of periodontally involved teeth Using β-Tricalcium Phosphate with Bone Morphogenetic Protein Yasser Mohamed El Makaky 26 10:00-10:12
FC325 Predictable Guided Bone regeneration in the aesthetic zone Dimitrios Zabaras 899 10:12-10:24
FC326 Impact of citric acid etching on biocompatibility and osseous organisation of a natural bovine bone mineral Tim Fienitz 991 10:24-10:36
FC327 Effectiveness Of Diode Laser In Reducing Postoperative Complications Cennet Neslihan Eroğlu 1725 10:36-10:48
FC328 Efficacy of Taking Buprenorphine Sublingual Tab on Postoperative Analgesia in Mandibular Third Molar Surgery Ebrahim Rahnama 1274 10:48-11:00
FCS51 | Free Communication Session 51 | B332 | 31.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC329 Problems associated with thermoplastic resins for non-metal clasp removable partial dentures Stavros Yannikakis 670 11:30-11:42
FC330 Prosthetic treatment needs of partially and completely edentulous patients Sinem Ok 1779 11:42-11:54
FC331 Prosthodontics rehabilitation for the elderly with severe tooth wear Teh Adilla Mustaza 512 11:54-12:06
FC332 Proximal-box dimensions software for FRC prosthesis: a finite element analysis Niloofar Moharrami 431 12:06-12:18
FC333 Quality of life assessment in patients with facial prosthesis Banu Karayazgan Saraçoğlu 1111 12:18-12:30
FCS52 | Free Communication Session 52 | B342 | 31.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC334 The effect of Grape Seed Extract on human eroded teeth Mahkameh Mirkarimi 1514 11:30-11:42
FC335 Effect of Religious Music on Anxiety Level During Dental Extraction Tantry Maulina 1777 11:42-11:54
FC336 Measurement of Anxiety Levels in Dental Patients Faizan Syed M 965 11:54-12:06
FC337 Do saliva substitutes have a preventive effect on enamel erosion? Arzu Aykut Yetkiner 466 12:06-12:18
FC338 The incidence and prevalence of edendulous in Moldavia according with international status Magda Ecaterina Antohe 1991 12:18-12:30
FCS53 | Free Communication Session 53 | B343 | 31.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC339 Dentin matrix proteins (DMPs) enhance differentiation of BMMSCs via ERK and P38 MAPK pathways Guangdong Zhang 846 11:30-11:42
FC340 Evaluating of push-out bond strength between composite core build up and fiber-reinforced posts after different surface treatments Hakan Arslan 774 11:42-11:54
FC341 Efficacy of photo-acoustic system on calcium hydroxide removal Emrah Karataşlıoğlu 1722 11:54-12:06
FC342 Obturation With Single Cone ProTaper Universal Gutta Percha and Glass Ionomer On Mesial Drifted Second Molar Ali GOLMORADIZADEH 82 12:06-12:18
FC056 Minimal Fungicidal Concentration of Aloe Vera to Candida albicans in HIV People Elizabeth Fitriana Sari 1482 12:18-12:30
FCS54 | Free Communication Session 54 | B360 | 31.08.2013 | 11:30 - 12:30
# Abstract Title Presenter Abs# Schedule
FC343 Incedence Of White Spot Lesion Among Patients Treated With Self Ligating And Conventional Brackets Mucella Tezcan 558 11:30-11:42
FC344 Periodontal Status and Adiposity Status among 12-year-old Children in a Population-based Sample Colman Mcgrath 912 11:42-11:54
FC345 Prevalence of Tobacco related Oromucosal lesions in South Indian Population Srinvas Pachava 924 11:54-12:06
FC346 Effective Communication in daily dental practice Ioulia George Kontopoulou 784 12:06-12:18
FC347 The Relationship between Dental Fear, Dental Anxiety and Back Depression Tuba Orhan 1605 12:18-12:30